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80 years of customer service


TSP Manufacturing is a premiere producer of specialty engineered fasteners and components, and a provider of Supply Chain Programs including Vendor Managed Inventory to the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have been in business for over 80 years, producing and distributing products of the highest quality and committed to providing world-class customer service to ensure lower total cost of ownership. At TSP Manufacturing, we are partners in production with our customers.



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80 years of customer service

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Christina Buchanan

General Manager

As General Manager, Christina Buchanan utilizes her knowledge of fasteners and engineered components in the Oil and Gas Industry to oversee and guide the TSP Manufacturing operations.


Christina and the entire TSP Manufacturing Team value the practice of a "customer first" approach in responding to every request with a high sense of urgency and an understanding that every detail is important in producing high customer satisfaction. She believes in training and motivating her Team members and inspiring them to serve customers at every opportunity. Christina has more than 20 years' experience in management, including positions in sales management and has been with TSP Manufacturing for over 13 years.

Aaron Oliver

Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, Aaron Oliver leads TSP Manufacturing's customer relations with both new and existing customers. He is responsible for executing the company's account development strategy by connecting client production planning to TSP Manufacturing corporate supply programs. He is an innovative business leader with demonstrated success in management, business development, direct sales, product line identification, marketing communications, and the capturing of master service agreements on a global basis.


Aaron has over ten years of success in fasteners, engineered parts and components and delivering world-class performance to top tier Oil & Gas OEMs. Central in Aaron's presentations to our clients is that not all fasteners are created equal, a driving point that distinguishes TSP Manufacturing as a specialized source of engineered components of the highest quality, properly certified and delivered on time.

Gabrielle Hein

Supply Chain Engineering & Logistics Manager

Gabrielle Hein is the Supply Chain Engineering and Logistics Manager. She works with all departments at TSP Manufacturing adding value to process improvement, supply chain program evolution, and project management. After spending several years in the industry working directly with customers, Gabrielle knows what it takes to become a true supply chain partner within TSP Manufacturing's target market.


Gabrielle has helped TSP Manufacturing secure preferred vendor/supply chain partner status with several major Oil & Gas OEMs. In addition to streamlining processes within TSP Manufacturing, she has been instrumental in developing best practice processes within TSP Manufacturing customer organizations. Gabrielle holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Baylor University.

Maria Chaves

Quality Assurance Manager

Maria Chaves leads TSP Manufacturing's Quality Department. She is responsible for oversight of the QA Documentation and Inspection group, which ensures that all products released from TSP Manufacturing meet customer specifications and comply with all necessary regulatory requirements. Her exposure to the fastener and Oil and Gas industry for more than 10 years helped her appreciate the importance and crucial role of Quality. She believes that Quality professionals serve as the conscience of the organization and as champions for change and continual improvement–and that every effort that helps that cause provides value.


Previously, Maria worked as Quality Engineer and as Senior Quality Facilitator, Quality Management System Auditor, and Trainer. Maria is a certified ISO 9001 Auditor. She has contributed to several continuous improvement projects and Kaizen events that streamlined processes to make them more robust and effective. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Xavier University in the Philippines.

Christopher Smith

Materials Manager

Christopher Smith is responsible for complete supply chain development, purchasing, inventory, outside processing, and warehouse operations. Christopher joined TSP Manufacturing in 2011 as Purchasing Manager, bringing more than 22 years of sales and purchasing experience in the specialized fastener manufacturing industry.

Randy Boatright

Information Systems / Accounting Manager

Randy Boatright is the Information Systems Manager and works in every aspect of TSP Manufacturing to make sure the ERP system and processes are functioning as planned. He has been a dedicated employee of TSP Manufacturing for over 38 years.


Randy has extensive training and experience in TSP Manufacturing's systems and knows the importance of staying current with technology and providing TSP Manufacturing employees the best tools available to service the customer.  He works closely with the other Department Managers to create and streamline the processes to better reach their department goals and allows employees to optimize their job performance in the delivery of excellent customer service.

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